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Christmas Stocking Holder Stand

stocking 2

At this house we do not have a fireplace, and I struggle every year to find a place to put our stockings. This year I saw a stocking holder that sat on the floor and was available at Ballard Designs. The price was $119! No way was I paying that price. So off I went to create my own. This project took less that 30 minutes to make and cost under $20.

First you need to make a trip to the hardware store and buy some galvanized pipe. This will be in the plumbing section. They sell it in precut sections. For the T shape, I used a 36″ long piece for the leg of the T, and two 8″ pieces for the arms of the T. You will also need two end caps, a T shaped connector and a round support for the bottom.

stocking 4I choose to use 1/2″ pipe for this project. They also have 3/4″ and bigger. Whatever you choose, make sure all your pieces are the same width. You will also need a piece of wood for the bottom. I had a piece at home. Mine was 10″ by 10″ by 1″. You will need four wood screws to attache the round support base to the wood.

stocking 5Start by attaching the round support to the middle of the wood base with your four wood screws. Then  screw all your pieces together and thats it!

stocking 3I played around with different bottoms. A galvanized bucket…..

stocking 6Or by a suggestion from my friend, a burlap sack…..

stocking 2The updated version…..




7 thoughts on “Christmas Stocking Holder Stand

  1. Jennifer

    Thank you for this wonderful idea! We moved to our first house without a fireplace and mantel and I was lost with what to do with our stockings last year. I came across this, went to Home depot, came home and put it together in about 10 minutes! It took me longer to get to the store and back…lol. I’ll try and post a picture of how mine came out a little later. Thank you again! 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I absolutely love this idea! Can anyone tell me how sturdy this is? I’m wondering if I should use a larger base…

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